Festival Programme 2018



Guests arriving,  VIP Drink Reception, Piano Trio Concert -  'A Viennese Treat', Dinner Buffet


Drinks Reception, Clarinet Trio Concert - 'A German Affair', Dinner Buffet,   



Drinks Reception, Cello Concert 'A Tribute to Christopher Verney', Dinner Buffet

Art Exhibition, Wine Tasting, Family Concert

Festival Programme 2018


Thursday, September 27

6pm Welcome Drinks

7pm-8.30pm Opening Piano Trio Concert 'A Viennese Treat'

Schubert - Trio in B flat major No. 1

Mendelssohn - Trio in D minor, Op. 49


LINDA LIN - cello

IAN BROWN - piano

8.30pm-10pm Dinner Buffet


Friday, September 28

6pm Drinks Reception

7pm-8.30pm Clarinet Trio Concert 'A Continental Affair'

A. Message - Solo de Concours

Ravel - Pavane

E. Chausson - Andante et Allegro

G. Pierne - Canzonetta, Op. 19

H. Rabaud - Solo de Concours, Op. 10

Brahms - Trio in A minor, Op. 114


LINDA LIN - cello

IAN BROWN - piano

8.30pm-10pm Dinner Buffet


Saturday, September 29

6pm Drinks Reception

7pm-8.30pm Cello Concert 'Song Without Words - A Tribute to Chris Verney'

Bach - Cello Solo Suite

Faure - Elegy

Mendelssohn - Song without words, Op. 109

Rachmaninov - Cello Sonata in G minor, Andante

Franck - Cello Sonata in A major

LINDA LIN - cello

IAN BROWN - piano

8.30pm-10pm Dinner Buffet


Sunday, September 30

11am Family Concert

1pm-2pm Wine Tasting and light lunch

2pm-4pm Photography Exhibition and Finissage with Gerard Musy - 'Leaves'


Price Package..

We offer full festival packages including tickets to all concerts, drinks receptions and dinners. You may also book tickets for a single event.  Tickets are CHF100 per person, including an evening concert, drinks reception and dinner buffet.

To make a reservation, please visit: www.giezfestival.com/ticketreservation.html

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