Giez Festival


September 29-October 2






Guests arriving, VIP Drink Reception, Evening Recital 'Accordion in the Chapel', Dinner Buffet


Cruise on lake Geneva, Drinks Reception, Evening Recital 'The Symphonic Piano', Dinner Buffet,



Drinks Reception, Evening Recital 'The Rococo Cello', Dinner Buffet

Fine Italian instrument Exhibition, Wine Tasting, Final Chamber Music Concert

Artistic Director: Linda Lin

A warm welcome to Giez Music Festival, September 29 - October 2, 2016. Set in the beautiful Swiss hills, our guests are invited to a privately-owned 14th century castle where all the magic happens. Apart from world-class concerts in an intimate setting, guests are treated to local cultural tours, wine tasting, VIP dinner buffet, art and fine Italian instrument exhibitions, and most of all, a chance to connect with other international guests and music supporters.


This year, our guests are invited to stay at the luxurious 4 star Grand Hotel Des Bains in Yverdon, 5 minutes away from Giez Castle by car. There are heated pools, a thermal bath, sauna and jacuzzi, a contemporary bar, dining hall, and a beautiful park.


Please join us in celebration of music, life and culture! Tickets are limited. Reserve yours today by email at: info@giezfestival.com


Concert Room

Beautifully rich acoustic with a grand piano, ideal for chamber music concerts.



Built in the 11th century, this stunning church is perfect for evening concerts.




Gorgeous and spacious rooms for our VIP guests, plus acres of parkland and views of Mont Blanc.


Designed by Linda Lin

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